I understand that there is always an adjustment period for any foster dog coming into my home. The average time a dog spends in a foster home is unpredictable and varies, but I am willing to work to make this foster dog a member of my family during his/her stay. I understand that many of these dogs have survived tremendous odds and needs lots of TLC. I understand that Lucky Pup Rescue cannot be held responsible for the actions, behaviors and/or medical condition of all of the dogs in its Rescue. I agree to assume the risks implicit in working with dogs or cats who may have been abandoned, beaten, or otherwise mistreated or abused, or who may suffer from an illness, condition or disease. Although Lucky Pup Rescue evaluates dogs prior to accepting them into it’s rescue, they cannot guarantee the temperament of any of the dogs since most of their histories are unknown.

I understand my foster dog must be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES when in an unfenced or unenclosed area ­ even when hiking, or just walking from my house to the car. All rescues are prone to being escape artists, especially in a new environment or when left alone. They may bolt out of an open front door. I will be aware and be careful.

I understand that Lucky Pup Rescue reserves the right to check on the welfare of this dog or cat on my premises, and to reclaim both possession and ownership without payment of any kind. In the event that I do not comply with the foster guidelines and Lucky Pup Rescue reclaims any foster dog from me, I waive claim to trespasser.

I understand that Lucky Pup Rescue must approve all adoption applications, so I will not promise anyone that they can adopt my foster. Of course Lucky Pup Rescue will be happy to receive adoption referrals and recommendations. If you are considering adopting your foster yourself, Lucky Pup Rescue would discuss any serious applications with you before placing the dog or cat in another home.

I also agree that if, at any time in the future, I cannot continue on in the foster program for ANY reason, I will not give away, sell or euthanize the animal. I will contact the rescue coordinator for arrangements to be made to move the dog(s) into other foster homes with Lucky Pup Rescue group. I understand that Lucky Pup Rescue will be responsible for any medical expenses that may occur while the dog is in my care. If a veterinary visit is necessary, I will contact Lucky Pup Rescue and use the vet of Lucky Pup Rescue’s choice. ∙

I have accurately completed this application and all information stated is correct. I have read the application and program description on this form in its entirety and understand the risks involved in working with these dogs and cats. I also agree that if the information given on this application is not accurate to the best of my knowledge, I forfeit all rights to any and all foster dogs or cats residing in my care (Please sign, print and date this form).